Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SuperFreak is Out!!

The SupreFreak music video by hit recording artist Aline Queen is now out and it is amazing, sends a powerful message and I'm so proud to be in this compelling project.  SuperFreak celebrates living and expression that is different than the norm.  On the high-heels of her 2013 hit single Princess Boy, which celebrates gender bending and the LGBT Community, model/singer/songwriter Aline is back with yet another empowering creation.  Her new single SuperFreak speaks to freaks everywhere.  While it can be painful to be called a "freak" or to be different, being a freak can also be seen as being unique, exciting and standing out.  SuperFreak plays off of that, bringing new meaning to the word, sending the message of not hiding who you are and embracing your true identity.  Also in the video with me and Aline are Terra Jole - star of Lifetime's  Reality TV series Little Woman of LA, Sebastion Saraceno of Mirror, Mirror, tattoo artists Johnny and Mix Nobody, plus-size model Janie Martinez, performer/musician Mem Nahadr and many others.  

SuperFreak demands that you live out loud, because no one deserves to hide from who they are.  Embrace your identity, live like a SuperFreak. You're gonna love it!