Saturday, April 10, 2010

Television Photo Shoot

Under the Pink Carpet, is the GLBT-themed television magazine series that I correspond on. The show is broadcast on a PBS station WNYE or NYC Life, part of the Mayor's Office on Film, Theater and Broadcasting. The show's host and creator, Tony Sawicki and I went to the station for a special photo shoot that will be part of a dynamic publicity campaign. Photos of us and others from the station will be appearing in many different places, including New York City Bus Stop Shelters, as part of the project. I can hardly wait to see where the pics will end up! After we left the studio, I posed for some pics with Tony by the tv logo to remember the shoot by.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Big Gay Musical DVD Release Gala

I just love acting in movies!! First you have fun acting on set, then about a year later you enjoy the cinematic premiere gala, then you have a blast at the DVD release party. On April 6, I attended the DVD release of my latest film, the amazing musical-comedy call Big Gay Musical. It is the only movie where I appear both as a man and as a woman. I'm a lady performer at The Duplex and I also show up as a man to date Paul, the lead character. I'm so glad that this film is available on DVD now! I had a blast re-uniting with director Casper Andreas and cast members including Joey Dudding, Daniel Robinson, Steve Hayes, and Rick Skye - who is an amazing Liza impersonator and puppeteer of the legendary Madame! The release party took place at Club Therapy in New York City's Broadway theater district.