Wednesday, May 9, 2007

HX Horoscope Taurus

I'm thrilled to be featured as "This Week's Taurus" in Horoscope column of this week's HX magazine! HX is the premiere weekly publication and guide for New York's queer entertainment and nightlife! Every week they feature a photo, blurb and a short interview with a Celebrity born under the Zodiac sign that the sun in currently in. You can see me and read the fascinating column on page 74 of HX issue 818 May 11 2007. I was born a springtime May Taurus child. Astrology is a wonderful and useful science that can help guide a hectic love life. Lets face it, we need all the help we can get now-a-days! Taurus is an Earth sign, which explains my earthy sensuality. Taurus is also ruled by Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty, which also explains a lot! The column is written by Neil James who states that for Taurus “Lusty mars is in your eight House of Butt Sex until May 10, making you hot and bothered.”

Capital Lobbying with Style!

On Tuesday, May 1st, I went to Albany, the New York State Capital along with over 1,000 New Yorkers from all over the state. We took part in Equality and Justice Day organized by ESPA (Empire State Pride Agenda). We lobbied our Senators and Assembly Members to persuade them to pass a Marriage Equality bill, allowing same-gendered couples to marry, and to pass GENDA, the Gender Espression Don-Discriminatin Act. We also spoke to them about passing the Dignity for all Studendts Act, an anti-bullying law. When we arrived, there was a continental breakfast at registration. I met with Assembly Member Dick Gottfried and Senator Liz Krueger. We are very happy and fortunate that Governor Eliot Spitzer introduced legislation to make Gay marriage legal in New York State. There was a statewide rally on the beautiful Capitol Park facing the Legislative Capitol building where Melissa Sklarz (NY Transgender Rights Organization), Alan Lubin (NY State United Teachers), Barbara Smith (Albany Common Council), Alan Van Capelle (Empire State Pride Agenda) and Openly Gay elected officials Assembly Members Deborah Glick and Danny O'Donnell, and Senator Tom Duane gave speaches. "Turn around, all of you and look at the Capitol. Whose house is it? Our House!" said Senator Duane. We had a lunchone buffet in the Convention Center where I had the opportunity to meet with citizens from all over the State. After lobbying, I went to the Transgender Caucus to meet with other Trans people about our experiances and community.

photos: ESPA President Alan Van Cappelle; ESPA,;At the Capital; NY Blade newspaper editor Tranton Straube.;Trans activists JoAnne Priceavalli and Caprice Bellefleur.

Whores Have More Fun at Avalon

On Saturday April 28 I went to club Avalon to party the night away and to see my friend Houston Bernard, who came in from Boston to give a powerhouse performance of songs from his "Whores Have More Fun" title album. Avalon is that huge and decadent disco and nightclub that is housed in a Gothic building that used to be church. Talk about the Congregation getting down on their knees! Avalon is in the same building that used to be the infamous Limelight. It's since be beautifully remodeled. For decades, Sunday was the gay dance night, but a few weeks ago it started back up with Saturdays as the queer dance night. Gorgeous and slick Hip Hop artist Cazwell hosts, performs and dances in the Striptease Chapel room and I had a great time getting down with the House of Acid there. The chapel was the in place to be with Kim Aviance, rocker Adam Joseph, Acid Betty, Epiphany, Acid Logan, James Coppolla and other sexy guys. There with were young twink go go boys in the Spider room. Houston gave an energetic and virile performance that drove everyone wild!

Photos: Adam Joseph with Clover Honey, Housotn Bernard, Kim Aviance, Logan

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Imposters at Unisex Salon and The Ritz

On Thursday, April 25 I went to celebrate the Birthday of Alan Anderson of Team NY and NYC Gay Men's Chorus at the elegant and exclusive The Ritz nightclub on Restaurant Row in Midtown Manhattan. Everyone was there and we enjoyed sipping Cosmopolitans inside the club and out on the cozy deck. The party had a nautical theme, so many guests were dresses as sailors. I love a man in uniform. The evening brought new meaning to the term - All Hands on Deck - you had to be there!

After that soiree, me and Howie headed downtown to the Lower East Side for the weekly Unisex Salon party. It's a fun decadent and artsy party with an inclusive mix of Gay guys, Lesbians and Trannies. Tonight was Impostor night and guests were encouraged to come dressed impersonating a Celebrity. Burlesque Diva extraordinaire, Dirty Martini was there impersonating Dolly Parton. On stage she did the most fantastic act wearing stars and stripes and the scales of justice. When her song was finished, she had only a star pasties on her breasts, a small flag covering her groin and a mouth stuffed with money. She was bawdy, yet brilliant at the same time! Epiphany looked like a young and beautiful Marilyn Monroe. Rajene did a wonderful "Turn Back Time" Cher impersonation that would of drove sailors wild! The Emcee of the show was someone who was impersonating Unisex Salon's producer, James Coppola. I didn't recognize who it was but it turned out to be Acid Betty, mother of the House of Acid! She's shorter without her high heels! But still made a fierce Coppola! James Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, ShortBus) and Sharyn Jackson (editor, Go!NYC Magazine) were amoung the friends we met there!

Photos: Rajene as Cher, Dirty as Dolly, Ephiany as Marilyn, James Cameron Mitchell and James Coppola.