Friday, February 20, 2015

Chasing Dreams

I had a wonderful time being an actress and playing a character named Sassy Sue who was a cheap hooker in 1980s Times Square in New York City.  Although the area is now cleaned up, back in the day, Times Square was a notorious seedy, decadent, dangerous, red-light district known for prostitution and drug dealing.  The play is called "Chasing Dreams" and was created by playwright and SAG actor Keith Taylor.  Keith also played a run-away lost youth who found himself living in a cheap hotel and hustling to survive.  Other actors in the reading were Elroy Martinez Jr., who played a youth and Dylan Carusona who played a demented cop. The event took place at Champion Studios at 257 West 39th Street in New York City.  Playing a cheap hooker was certainly a stretch for me!