Monday, April 21, 2008

Multi-Media Girl

I've certainly received plenty of Press recently! This very week, I'm in magazines, newspapers, on TV and on the big screen in the cinema. Gay City News newspaper has quotes from me from Night of 1,000 Gowns on page 2 (volume seven, issue 14). HX magazine has a lovely picture of me in their Homo Dish column on page 16 (issue 866). Next magazine also has a photo of me in the Shot in the Dark photo column on page 66 (issue 15.40). Out in Jersey magazine has a photo and mention of me in an exclusive interview with Tony Sawicki of Under the Pink Carpet. (April-May 2008)I could also be seen recently on TV on Under the Pink Carpet and Out and About TV, and be heard on the Radio on Out FM (99.5 FM). As well as be seen on the big screen in A Four Letter Word movie playing at Chelsea Cinemas in NYC. As they shay, too much of a good thing - is wonderful!! Please support these fantastic media outlets!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Leslie Jordan's Pink Carpet Trip

A one night only presentation of Leslie Jordan's solo show, My Trip Down the Pink Carpet, was presented at New World Stages to benefit the Harvey Milk High School. The event that took place on April 14, and also kicked off GayFest NYC 2008. Emmy winner Jordan stars in Pink Carpet, which features direction by David Galligan. Jordan is perhaps best known for his work as Beverley Leslie on the NBC series Will & Grace. He has also be on Boston Legal, Hidden Palms and Reba. Jordan can also be seen as an institutionalized Drag Queen in the cult film, Sorrid Lives.

The show is also a tour promoting his book of the sa
me name. The story follows his rise to fame and his experiences as an Out Gay actor. "It's basically from getting off the bus in 1982, an openly Gay actor, and working all the way up to my Emmy" says Jordan. "But underlining it all is the same journey, the journey out of the Baptist Church" Even though the book is funny, Jordan reminds everyone of the frightened Gay people in the hinterlands. "In the Gay Community, there's two kinds of people - there's the fabulous and the fearful."

The After-party in NYC was held at Crave on 42nd Street. Attendees included Randy Jones (Village People Cowboy), comedian Frank DeCaro (Sirius Out Q Radio), auth
or Rich Merritt (Secrets of an ex-Marine Porn Star), Stephen Schulman (SASi PR), Bruce Robert Harris and Jack W. Batman (Gayfest NYC) and many others. Tony Sawicki and Stephanie Butler were also there to pruduce a segment for Under the Pink Carpet.

Motherboards Anniversary Gala

"Don't Tell Mama," but on April 9th, there was a fantastic anniversary party to celebrate the world's hippest Internet forum, The Motherboards! The Motherboards are a vibrant virtual community that was founded in 2001 by The Jackie Factory's Chi Chi Valenti as on online haven for refugees from her Meat Market nightspot, Mother and its parties Jackie 60 and Click and Drag. The Motherborads remain a laboratory for emerging events seven years on and a way for performers and club-folk to stay connected, no matter where they roam.

Every year, They throw an amazing anniversary celebration and this years
edition took place at a newly opened hotspot in the East Village called 40 Avenue C. Motherborads Moderator Johnny Dynell (aka Daddy) was the DJ spinning the hippest tunes around. Cybersluts, clips from the upcoming Jackie 60 Movie was being screened on the video monitors with

As soon as I arrived I was greeted by The Empress herself, founder Chi Chi Valenti, who looked stunning as always! Also seen: Michale Musto, Jackie Bigalow, Seven, Lucy Baltimore, Daniel Nardicio (D List), Hatches, Basil Twist, Stuart Black, Jonah Falcon, Madelyn Madelaine, Howie V, Amber Ray, Jonny Tingle, Peace Sign, Madge Madison, Rob Roth, Miss Understood, House of Domination and countless others.

Gypsies, Tramps and Queens

At The Monster, the most popular lounge and dance club in NYC's Greenwich Village, they held a special event on April 2 they called the Night of 101 Chers, Gypsies Tramps and Queens! It was a special tribute to our most favorite Diva. Everyone was encourage to come dresses as Cher. The bartenders and the rest of the staff was also all "Cher-ed" up except for a few guys who chose to dress as Sonny Bono. I donned a curly black wig "If I could turn back time." It felt different as a brunette, but still very fabulous impersonating Cher. I came with my friend Madelyn Madelaine who ended up looking like a chic blond Cher. Monster owner and manager Charlie Rice was also all decked out as a fishnet leather Cher and greeted us with his friend dressed as the Mermaids Cher. We met up with buddies Jesse Archer (star of A Four Letter Word) Lovari (recording artist All I Want is You), Delfinia Best (Bette Midler Impersonator) and Howie V (a Cher Impersonator). Howie had an extra Cher wig on him so we threw it on Jesse Archer and quickly made him up with my lipstick and he ended up looking like a Bob Mackie Dark Lady - well sort of! Jesse Volt started her weekly drag show impersonating Cher and Devon Cass also performed as Cher. Jesse Volt announced the owners choice award for the Cher look-alikes and called out me and Madelyn. Producer Guy Guido video taped an interview with me and asked me questions about Cher! How honored and thrilled we were! You gotta "Believe!"

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sexahol Review

On April 5th, I was part of another scintillating, tantalizing and almost tantric evening of Comedy, Music and Burlesque pleasure, the monthly cabaret comedy series, Sexahol Review at the hip neighborhood of Willamsburg, Brooklyn. The Improv Comedy and music performed by Evan Laurence and David F. Slone was fantastic. Singer/Songwriter Ron Morris gave an amazing performance singing songs including the one that is rising on the charts at the Logo network, Boyfriend. Angela Harrielle made her singing debut with a surprising deep baritone voice singing, Impossible Dream. Rumor has it that the vocals were dubbed and actually sung by David Slone. The beautiful Gabrielle Sternbenz did an erotic dance. I added some glamor and comedy with my Stand-Up material and I performed two classic comedy numbers from Broadway "Le Jazz Hot" and "Whatever Lola/Clover Wants." There was also a fun ukulele player which prompted me to joke that men who play a small instrument are secure enough with the size of another "instrument." Jed Ryan was in the audience.

GLBT Expo: See and Be Seen

I often think of life as one big exhibition! This is certainly true at NYC's Original GLBT Expo held April 5th and April 6th at the Javits Center in Manhattan. The huge hall was filled with exhibitors was from Gay and Gay-friendly business, community organizations and services including fortune 500 corporations to local social clubs. It provides the perfect scene to "See and be Seen" in! I was part of the Video showcase curated by Ryan Wolowski from Out & About TV and sponsored by the Long Island Film Festival, the Fire Island Film Festival and the Road Island Film Festival. I was on stage to introduce Ryan, who did an excellent job showcasing the many Gay videos and film shorts. The video show featured works by Lovari, Casper Andreas, Josh Zuckerman, Matthew Duffy, Keo Nazari, Jade Esteban Estrada, Amber Rose Marie and others. I also had fun promoting the Fresh Fruit Festival with Nick, Walter, David, Rita and other Fruities. The brilliant and beautiful journalist Samara Riveria conducted a great interview with me for her broadcast. It was all about greeting and networking and I enjoyed seeing so many friends from the Community including maestro conductor of NYC Gay Men's Chorus Charlie Beal, drag divas Empress Charlene Chivoe, Peppermint and Appolonia Cruz, singer Brian Kent, Out in NJ editor Toby Grace, Ira Levi, The Glamazons, Paul Manchin, Quentin Elias, Charlie Demos, Michael Mallon, Tomas and others.