Sunday, November 30, 2008

Time Out New York magazine

I'm thrilled and honored to officially be an "essential" part of New York City! Time Out New York magazine has named Center BINGO with hostess Lady Clover Honey as one of the best things about New York City! It's listed in the annual 150 New York Essentials issue # 684 and my picture is right on the top of page 34. Here is what they say:

"Get your B 12 shot with hostess Lady Clover Honey, go-go boys and girls, prizes and a $500 jackpot. These Friday nights rock a packed house of 200-plus gamers. It's like Bingo Without Borders - everyone comes!"

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pink Carpet at Center BINGO

It was time to roll out the Pink Carpet on November 21st at The LGBT Center of NYC as television correspondents Tony Sawicki and Stephanie Butler of Under the Pink Carpet joined their cast-mate, Lady Clover Honey as guest hosts and number-callers for Center BINGO. The monthly fund-raiser features a traditional BINGO games, only with much more glamor, comedy and pizazz with Drag Personality Clover Honey wearing mod print gowns and hats with hot go go models Tass and Mel. Bingo Staff Drag Divas Bobbi and Church Lady also add their own fabulous appeal along with music by DJ and filmmaker Wolfgang Busch. With fashion, fun, hot bodies, music, pizza and a chance to win the $500 jackpot, Clover Honey tells everyone "Who needs to schelp all the way to Foxwoods?" Tim and Terry, the Gay couple who were contestants on the CBS reality series The Amazing Race joined in on the fun as well as actress Jennifer Perry (Three Dead Witches), writer Mark Schulte and the Student Union of New York University. The games benefit The LGBT Center of NYC, now in its 25th year of providing services and a safe-space for the LGBT Community.

Strike A Pose! Trans Art Show

After its world premiere at The Fresh Fruit Festival in the Leslie Lohman Art Gallery NYC Strike A Pose, the Gender-Bending Visual Art Show that rocked SoHo last July had its second showing as part of the Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Strike A Pose is a fierce, provocative visual Art showcase of images that celebrate the diversity of Gender expression, featuring images of Transgender, Drag Queen/King, Transsexual, Cross-Dresser, and individuals who convey Gender in alternative and non-traditional ways. I was the curator of the exhibit and hosted the opening night gala reception at The Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, NY on November 16th. I was also a model in several of the images. I was proud to have a collection of works by such notable artists like Tony Sawicki of Under the Pink Carpet television, Toyboydesigns of Glamour magazine, Wilson Models from HX magazine, Peter Lau of Next Magazine, Alina Olson of Out in Jersey magazine, Jed Ryan of PM magazine and OutMusic, Ryan Wolowski of Out & About television, Dan Malisky, Pamela Camhe, Rick Odell, Str!ngbean, Fernando Espinosa and others. The Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is one of the largest and most prestigious Film Festivals in the North East.

Sexahol Review

It was time for another installment of the Cabaret series that celebrates some of the earthly pleasures of life, Evan Laurence’s Sexahol Review! Evan rounded up a bevy of amazing performers including two sexy Burlesque dancers- Cherry Pitz and Layla Lepore, a Hudini-esque escape artist - Jared The Conjuror, Vocalist and Imporv Comedian David F. Slone, MAC award winner of the team Horowitz and Spector, Bobbie Horowitz who performed two hilarious original songs, recording artist Jeff Martini, big-on-laughs Trans Comedian Rita Petite, The Nuck Fuggets, comedy dancers Sarah Conrad and Joseph Schules and Howie V as “Cher.” The lounge was Standing Room Only with many friends and notable guests in the audience including Miss Veronica Vera, founder of Miss Vera’s Cross-Dressing Academy. The event took place in the hip East Village hotspot, Parkside Lounge at 317 East Houston Street in NYC.

SWISH Cabaret

SWISH (Straight Women In Support of Homos) held a Cabaret benefit at Downtown Manhattan's premiere Cabaret nightclub, The Duplex. SWISH, jokingly referred to as the Fag Hag organization, is a Gay-Straight alliance providing opportunities where Straight women and men can contribute to Gay civil rights. The evening was hosted by Sue Sena, the "Queen Hag" and founder of SWISH and author/actor/screenwriter Jesse Archer of the films Slutty Summer and A Four Letter Word. I had the pleasure of being with Jesse in a film scene of Drag Queen wedding shower for a Fag Hag in A Four Letter Word, now available on DVD. The evening had amazing entertainers including Chris Adasiewicz, Nick Atkinson, Jason Bowman, Stanic Chee, Mathew Hotta, Sarah Kendall, Poppi Kramer, Linda Leopold, Jamie Lloyd, Mykel, Michael Rider, Anthony Romeo, Becca Schack and others. Many "Fags" with their "Hags" were visiting from Sweden including famed author Linda Leopold, who wrote the book Fag Hags: Your Sisters,Your Prom Dates, Your Beards, Your Allies, which is a journalistic exploration of the unique relationships between Gay men and Straight women all over the world.

Fresh Fruit Play House

The Fresh Fruit Festival had its monthly Fresh Fruit PlayHouse, an LGBT Performance Art Showcase of unusually fruity acts at the Nuyorican Cafe in the hip East Village of Manhattan on November 12. Our Host and MC for the evening was the gorgeous Pedro Angle Serrano who is best known for being on the Radio (WBAI Out FM 99.5 FM New York and WRSU Rutgers 88.7FM) and he's also an award-winning comedian, a fierce spoken word artist, and an Out Skinhead involved in the mainstream Punk Rock scene! Pedro Kept the audience entertained with his quick wit and amazing true-to-life experiences! I tried out some new jazz songs like "Orange Colored Sky" that had everyones fingers snapping! Other performers included tha sexy and fabulous Drag?Burlesque Personality Vera Wylde, Travis Laughlin a Janis Joplin impersonator who really rocked the house with her brilliant illusion and her fierce energy, DJ / Alternative Rocker Reed Mc Gowen (aka Intraxis) who did a hot rap/rock number, and Carol Polcovar who had us laughing with her stories about growing up in a carnival background. Recording Artist Lovari, writer Suellen Rubin and poet Cookie Pemberton also stopped by for a visit. As Pedro's radio listeners know, he has a tendency to get naked after hearing a really great Rock concert, and if there is a very persuasive Drag Queen around!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rock OUT the Vote concert

I was part of a riotous Election Day Eve concert sponsored by Out Music and The LGBT Center of NYC called Rock OUT the Vote that also featured award winning recording artist cutie, Josh Zuckerman and special guest artists Ariel Arapicio, Reed McGowan, Dan Manjovi, John Raymond Pollard, Kherish and others! Jed Ryan, Deepa Soul, Howie V, Steve Schulman, Tomas and others were all there to get hyped up for the election!

Election Day Victory Parties

I watched the results of the historic Presidential election at various Election Day parties at The LGBT Center and at the Stonewall Democrats party at XES Lounge in Chelsea. We were thrilled that the Democratic Party and Obama were Victorious and there will be some hope and change for our country. Also, for the first time in decades, the Democrats have the majority of seats in the New York State Senate! I celebrate the Victory with Stonewall Democrats President Matt Carlin, Political Activist Michael Mallon, Recording Artist Lovari, and many others!