Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sure Bet: Pretty in Atlantic City!

Being a Jersey Girl at the Jersey Shore has become so Chic! I loved my Memorial Day weekend adventure in Atlantic City, NJ. For the first time in history, a Gay nightclub has appeared inside a Casino Hotel. Prohibition is the name of the club and its right inside Resorts International Casino Hotel, which is the first legal casino to open in Atlantic City in 1978. The Resort has been redecorated with a fabulous, glamorous, art-deco, roaring 1920s theme, keeping in tune with the hot new HBO series, Boardwalk Empire, which takes place in the jazzy decade. I loved making my appearance at the new Gay club on the shore and also at the fantastic new Drag Celebrity Impersonation showcase Believe: Divas in a Man's World. The show was amazing with dazzling replica costumes, sexy back-up dancer and awesome lighting! Spot-on impersonations of Bette, Liza, Cher, Prince, Aretha with a Joan Rivers host makes for hilarious, fun and awe inspiring entertainment. Its playing at the Screening Room Theater. Special thanks to Howie for taking the great pics!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mass Transit, Mass Media Model

I’m thrilled to be part of a media market campaign for NYC Life Television that has my picture featured on thousands of posters inside the subway cars of New York City’s mass transit system. Millions of people from all over the Metropolitan Tri-State area ride the subway every day and will see my pretty lipstick framed smile! I’m right in the middle on the bottom of a poster about NYC Life television in a line-up of other celebrities from shows that are featured on the station.

The other TV celebs include Tony Sawicki, also from Under the Pink Carpet, Dave Evans from $9.99, Kela Walker of That’s So New York, Toni Senecal from Toni on NY, Ornella Fado of Brindiamo, Kelly Choi from Eat Out, Baron Ambrosia from Bronx Flavor, and many others!

Look for me next time you're on the train!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Juicy: The Fresh Fruit Awards (The Fruities)

Fresh Fruit is a healthy snack, but its also the name of a dynamic, diverse and colorful Gay Arts Festival held every year in New York City. I was delighted to be the Red Carpet hostess for the smashing extravaganza! The Fruits of Distinction Awards were held at the Jan Hus Theater on the Upper East Side of NYC on May 5th. Distinguished and seasoned Artists like Tony Award and Drama Desk Award winner John Glines as well as cutting edge Downtown performance artists were both in attendance. Performers included colorful puppets from the Royal Squirrel Puppet Theater and Lovari who opened the show with me! Other fruity winners and artists included Jahnilla Akbar, Marilyn Bernard, Xander Chauncey, Teresa Fischer, The Icky House Club, Omar Prince, David Ray, Thos Shipley, and many others. Rev Ray Bagnuolo, Bruce Robert Harris and Jack W. Batman took home special Harry Weider Awards for outstanding Community service.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

BINGO at Jersey SAGE Launch

I was honored to be hosting the official launch of SAGE (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Seniors) in Northern New Jersey. The gala event happened at the Hudson Pride Connections GLBT Community Center in Jersey City. We had a great time eating and dancing. And we also had fun, comedy BINGO games where I called the numbers while cracking jokes and handing out fabulous cash and prizes. Jersey City Council Member Ray Velazquez Jr. and other Hudson County officials join community members who celebrated this new and needed program in the area.