Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pride Parade

The day for the annual NYC LGBT Pride Parade is always a thrilling, fun and emotional day. Being a girl who is involved in so many activities, it's always touching to see everyone literally parade their Pride down the street. You never know who you're going to meet and run into during the parade, in the parade line-up or viewing the parade. Being both a Political and Transgender person, I find it rather convenient that the parade organizers combine the two groups and put them in one section. In that section this year was the overflowing theme of Marriage Equality with the NY State Assembly recently passing legislation in favor of Same-gender marriage! There were loads of Drag Brides,tuxedo print T shirts and Marriage Equality logos throughout our section. In the Political section, right in front of Stonewall Democrats, was the contingent of NY State Assembly members and supporters. This included a front line up of Out elected official NY Assembly members, Danny O'Donnell, Deborah Glick, Matt Titone, Micah Kellner and supportive Assembly members Brian Kavanagh and Dick Gottfried. They received especially loud cheers of gratitude for passing such important legislation in the Assembly. When we arrived at the Judging station. The Assembly members announced, "You many now kiss the Bride" while Drag Queen Brides kissed each other and threw their bouquets. The crowd went wild with applause!! Besides the politicians, I had the chance to run into my Trans girlfriends, Rita, Madelyn, Rose and other and I also was even nicer bumping into my ex Eduardo from Brazil with his Briziallian Buddies in their colorful feathers.

Drag March

Every year me and my "Sisters" pay homage to our Sisters who came before us and paved the way for us to be able to express our femme spirit openly and fabulously! In particular we honor the brave, fierce and fabulous Drag Queens who sparked the flame that ignited the rebellion at The Stonewall Inn, which started the Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender Rights movement. We do this by having an annual "Drag March." We meet on the Friday before Pride Sunday every year in Thompkins Square Park at Dusk. Then we have a neo-Pagan Spiritual Circle where we invoke the spirit of our Stonewall Sisters and the energies of Drag. Then we have a March to The Stonewall Inn, the place where the civil rights movement started on the last Sunday of June in 1969. Lots of Drag Queens, Drag Kings, Club kids, Gender Benders, Transsexuals, Cross-Dressers, friends, admirers, and supporters all get dolled up and participate. The NYPD helps escort us and stops traffic for us. The wonderful groups that get involved include the NYC Circle of Radical Faeries - a Queer alternative, spirituality and expression movement, La Petit Versallies - a drag performance group representing the gardens of the Lower East Side, and Church Ladies for Choice -an off-shoot from ACT UP who use drag to make fierce political statements at Civil rights and Pro Choice rallies and events.

Photos: The Drag March; Clover Honey and Petit Versalles member; Clover Honey and a Church Lady for Choice; Cover Honey and Detective Thomas Verni NYPD.

Cyndi Lauper - True Colors tour

On Monday June 18, I attended Cyndi Lauper's True Colors Tour at Radio City Music Hall. The special tour provided funds for the LGBT Community's Hunam Rights Campaign and was sponsored by Logo Cable Television network. I adored Ms. Lauper's performance was ulta-fabulous and inspiring. I also loved Margaret Cho's vulgar, hysterical skits not to mention Erasure , The Dresend Dolls, Debbie Harry, The MisShapes, The Gossips and others. Rosie O'Donnell herself even joined in the fun when she took over as a drummer. La Lauper jokingly explained how the real reason Rosie left The View was to join her band. Bravo to all the the performers for raising much needed funds and sending out the important anti-discrimination message! After the concert we headed to the official After-party at LQ. The East Side duplex nightspot was luxurious and roomy. But unfortunately, Cyndi was a no-show. Actually, almost all the stage performers didn't show except for Beth Ditto from The Gossips. But of course I still had a marvelous time dancing, drinking and mingling with all the celebs that did show up. They including Randy Jones (Village People), Robyn Byrd, Marilyn Soko, David Noh (Gay City News), Joe Kovacs and Madame, Ryan Wolowski (Out & About TV), Sharyn Jackson (Go! NYC), Lovari, Nickolas, Dixie (Tupperweare Show), TJ the DJ, Howie V, Murray Hill and Drag Divas Epiphany, Mimi Imfirst, Trai La Trash and Lavern Cox.

Photos: Robyn Byrd, Randy Jones and Clover Honey; Clover Honey performing; Marilyn Soko, David Noh and Clover Honey; Clover Honey and Lovari; With Murray Hill; With TV host Ryan Woloski; With Joe Kovacs and Madame; with Gabriel Garcia.

Leather/Fetish - Folsome Street East

On Sunday, June18, It was time to dust off the leather, chains and whips and get ready for Folsom Street East, a New York City one and only S&M, Leather and Fetish Queer outdoor Block Party! It modeled after the infamous Folsom Street in San Francisco. This was the 11th Folsom Street East and this year it took place on West 28th Street near the infamous Leather Man's bar, The Eagle. GMSMA held the first Folsom Street East in 1997. Named after the famous Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, the block party was an instant success, bringing our S/M-Leather-Fetish brothers and sisters together for a great celebration, while raising money to support worthy causes. Over the past 11 years, the success of FSE has enabled GMSMA to donate over $250,000 to support organizations like The LGBT Community Center, the NYC Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, God’s Love We Deliver, and Rivington House.

I ran into Eddie, who has a fetish for being treated like a horse and gave me such a fun house and buggy ride around the block after my stage performance. I also loved seeing my friends from MAN (Males Au Natural) Nudist group, Metro Gay Wrestling, NYC Gay Men's Chorus, Radical Faeries, Foot Friends and others. It was a fantastic way to have fun and celebrate our unique, delicious, tantalizing and varied sexuality while raising funds for worthy causes! I loved seeing and having fun with HX publisher Matt Banks, Michael Musto (Village Voice), TV hosts Ryan Wolowski and Randy Wicker, Frances Legge, Paul Nordico, Empress B and Emperor Craig Hollywood, J. Michale Reeds, Evan Laurence, Chorus Butch Bryan, Jed Ryan (PM magazine editor) and others!

Photos: Clover Hon
ey getting a Horse and Buggy ride with Eddie; Clover Honey with model Jake Gifford; Clover Honey with Michael Musto; NYCGMC Butch Bryan; Eddie; Empress B; Nudits Paul; Francis, Clover and Tommy; Brandon, Clover and Mike; Clover and Angelo.

A Four Letter Word - Movie Premiere

On June 9th, it was time to attend the NYC Premiere screening an enticing film that I had a small role in, the Casper Andreas production of A Four Letter Word. It premiered at Loews 34th Street Cinema and the after-party was at Pieces Lounge. I had a small role in a Bridal shower scene where the Bride-to-be was a Fag Hag and had Drag Queen attendees instead of girlfriends. It was a fun scene that was filmed last August. It was so much fun to be reunited with cast members. Casper Andreas directed the film that was co-written by him and Jesse Archer. Jesse also plays one of the lead characters, Luke. It was also great to see Charlie David (Dante's Cove) again. He played Stephen, the other lead role in the film. You know that any film with two such gorgeous leads and a Drag Bridal Shower scene with me has got to be an amazing smash hit! Tony Sawicki and Stephanie Butler also come to the gala premiere and we video taped a segment for Under the Pink Carpet. Virginia Bryan (Marilyn), RJ Rolley (Derek), Allison Lane (Trishia), Margret R.R. Echeverria (Audrey) and others from the film were at the event to celebrate the NYC premiere, great reviews and a fabulous completion of a great Gay love story and comedy, A Four Letter Word.

Photos: Clover Honey and Jesse Archer; AFLW Poster; Charlie David and Clover Honey; Margret Echeverria, Clover Honey and Allison Lane.

Yo, Brooklyn!!

On Thursday, June 7, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz held a huge celebration gala commemorating LGBT Pride right in the Grand Rotunda of Brooklyn Borough Hall. I provided entertainment by impersonating Brooklyn gal Mae West and Howie V impersonated Cher. For once Marty wasn’t the biggest personality in the room! I sang “I’m Just a Little Girl from Brooklyn” changing Little Rock to Brooklyn - the classic hit from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” during the ceremony. I entertained again during the dinner reception. Other entertainers included vocalist Jeannie Sol and R&B Singer Michael Ashanti.

“When I say Brooklyn is ‘proud home to everyone from everywhere,’ I always emphasize the word ‘proud,’” said Markowitz. “And I
will say it loud: Brooklyn is proud of its Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender population, and we are all truly the richer for it.”

The following were recognized for their passion and work for visibility, community service, and equality in Brooklyn and the world at large: Gary Parker, co-chair of Lambda Independent Democrats; Susan Summer, Esq., senior counsel of Lambda Legal; and the Rainbow Heights Club. Attending were Marc Levine - President, Gay Straight Alliance of NY State Courts, Mickey Heller, Esq., Bob Zuckerman of Lambda Independent Democrats, Brad Snyder -LGBT Law Association of Greater NY, Jerry Allred - Brough President’s Liason to the LGBT Community and others.

Photos: Howie V as "Cher" Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowits, and Clover Honey as Brooklyn Gal Mae West; Clover Honey posing at Brooklyn Brough Hall

Trans Photo Art Exhibit

Me and many of my Transgender girlfriends were thrilled to be attending the premiere opening reception for an exhibit of photographic art on Friday evening, June 1st at the PEP (Pink Elephant Projects) Gallery in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn. We were excited because there were photos of ourselves hanging in the gallery accentuating our modeling talents! Three Lincoln Town cars were sent to tour apartment in Manhattan to bring us to there and back. The exhibit was a solo show titled “Women et Homme” and showcased candid photographs of Trans women and Cross-Dressers at our Wednesday evening socials and at a nearby bar in Times Square. The talented artistic photographer was Evan Schwartz. Evan is very glad to have a solo showing of his work featuring unique photos of models like ourselves. Those who attended the opening had a wonderful time as our presence at the event was very much appreciated. We met many great people, had wine and Brooklyn-brewed beer and also attended the opening show party next door at a retro antique gallery called Re*Pop.

Photos: Evan Schwartz with Clover Honey. Linda, Clover Honey and Rita Petite outside

Democratic Party Pride

On May 31st, I attended the Pride Celebration at via restaurant for the Stonewall Democrats. The mission of Stonewall Democrats is to advocate for legislation that guarantees equality and fairness for the LGBT community in New York City, and to support openly LGBT and gay-friendly candidates for greater representation in the political process. There was a Cocktail Party-Reception, with a top-shelf open bar, plenty of food and a few short speeches. The Honorees included US Congress Member Yvette Clark, Out NY Assembly Member Deborah Glick, Commissioner Pete Grannis, and past SDNY President Dirk McCall. Also attending the event were Senator Marty Connor, Senator Liz Kruger, Assembly Member Danny O'Donnell, NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson, Assembly Member Dick Gottfried, Out NYC Council Member Rosie Mendez, City Council Member Gail Brewer, Speaker of the City Council Christine Quinn, Civil Rights Attorney Yetta Kurland, Judaical Delegate Melissa Sklarz, SDNY President Matt Carlin, Caprice Bellefleur and many others.

photos: Out Assembly Members Deborah Glick and Danny O'Donnellwit Clover Honey; NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson: Congress Member Yvette Clark; Patrick and Sean.

Prom and a Cherry Birthday

On Friday, May 25th, I attended the annual Transgender Prom at The LGBT Center of NYC. The event for is for all kinds of Transgender people and those who express gender in non-traditional ways and their friends, lovers and allies. Many people wish that when they were in High School, they could of worn a beautiful gown to their prom, but weren't allowed to since they were born Male. The Center's Transgender Prom can make up for that by wearing the most pretty and frilly gown and tiara, no matter what Gender they were labeled when they were born. I saw many of my girlfriends there and some of my old boyfriends too! When the Prom was winding down, I went to the East Village with Madelyn and Rita to the Birthday Celebration for Cherry Jubilee! Cherry is petite and beautiful, but she usually works in behind-the-scenes production. She is best know for being the founder and producer of The Glammy Awards and for Tranny Shack. I saw Drag Diva Sweetie there and met Jamie, a deliciously notorious Fag Hag, who also refers to herself as a Fruit Fly (her web site is since she loves spending time with her Gay guy friends. She admitted that tonight she was also a Drag Hag, since she was completely enjoying herself amongst the Drag Queens celebrating a birthday with a Cherry on top! There were amazing performances by Malibu, Rajene, Ariel Sinclair and many others.

photos: Malibu, Ariel Sinclair, Rajene, Clover; Cherry Jubilee and Clover Honey; Clover Honey and Petti Pie

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cher turns 61 years old!

In order to celebrate Cher's Birthday, my friend Howie V, a Cher impersonator held a special Cabaret show with performances by other Celebrity Impersonators at Helen's Hide-a-way room Cabaret in Chelsea on May 20. I portrayed Carol Channing flawlessly as I sang "Diamond's Are a Girl's Best Friend." Since the Marilyn Monroe impersonator didn't show up I also sang "I wanna be loved by You." I explained to the audience that Marilyn was supposed to show up to sing that song "But she's dead!" which garnished a big laugh! The other Stars of the show were Billy Little as Tina Turner, Brendon Forte as Shirley Basse, Delphinia as Bette Midler, and RUB band as Depesch Mode. It was won wonderful sold-out crowd that went wild with enthusiasm for our performances!

Photos: Clover Honey as Carol Channing; RUB Band with Howie V as Cher; with Delphinia as Bette Midler and Billy Little as Tina Turner; with Brandon Forte as Shirley Basse.

"Faggoty Attention" at Unisex Salon

On Thursday, May 18, I went to the Unisex Salon party on the Lower East Side at Club Delancey where I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the luscious and talented Adam Joseph give a live performance and also show his new video "Faggoty Attention." The song and his performance is also featured in the latest film I am in A Four Letter Word, directed by Casper Andreas. Singer/songwriter Ari Gold also stopped in to say hi and enjoy the performance. And Adam's performance was out of this world and drove the crowd wild! The edgy Lesbian rocker called Bitch or Capitol B also was there to enjoy the evening. I had a great time with them and video engineer Frances Legge, Epiphany, Logan, Acid Betty, James Coppola, Madelyn, Sharyn Jackson (editor of Go! NYC Magazine) Howie and others.

Photos: Adam Joseph, Clover Honey and Ari Gold; Clover Honey and Bitch

Dante's Cove, Queer Eye, Queer Folk and Politics

On Thursday, May 3 the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club held its annual Pre-Pride reception at Elmo's Restaurant in Chelsea NYC where my dear friend, attorney and social justice activist Michael Colossi was honored along with Michelle Clunie and Thea Gill - the Lesbian couple Melanie and Lindsay on "Queer As Folk" - for their civil rights advocacy. I have a seat on the Board of Governors of the Jim Owles organization, providing a Transgender viewpoint. Congressman Anthony Weiner presented the award to Michael Colossi. Ted Allen, one of the Fab Five from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," was on hand to introduce Gill and Clunie, who after sharing a passionate lip-lock, each spoke of the commitment to activism their roles on "QAF" promoted in their lives, including but not limited to LGBT advocacy. It was wonderful seeing all my friends in Politics, Entertainment and Media again who made certain to attend the event including Out Senator Tom Duane, Senator Marty Connor, and Out Assembly Members Matt Titone, and Mica Kellner. Club President Allen Roskoff jokingly announced that Kellner would only receive half of the club's support since he identifies as Bisexual. Colossi humorously jumped in and said he would receive twice as much support! Thea Gill is currently seen acting as a sexy Lesbian Witch in the Gothic Queer soap TV series Dante's Cove. Also present was the gorgeous Josh Berresford, who played Corey on Dante's Cove until his character was killed off! There was a campaign to have his character come back from the dead, but unfortunately so far it hasn't happened. It does happen in politics, depending on the election!

photos: Ted Allen, Thea Gill and Clover Honey; Congressman Anthony Weiner; Clover Honey with Josh Bedrresford