Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Michael Musto Book Release Gala at The Copa

I had the most wonderful time making a special appearance at the book launch celebration for the release of the latest must-read from my dear friend Michael Musto of the Village Voice. His new book is called "Fork on the left, Knife in the Back" and its an amazing and scandalous recollection of Musto's awesome experiences he has had dealing with all the celebrities, nightlife characters, drag divas, reality show personalities and other denizens of the media and show-biz he deals with every day. The event took place on September 13th at the legendary Copacabana, "the hottest spot North of Havana," where "Music and passion are always in fashion." Although Musto called it "Ricky Ricardo's wet dream." The only things better than Musto's books, are his parties. This one contained the most vast and diverse array of guests ever including Jerry Springer, Lisa Lampanelli, Countess Luanne (Real Housewives of NY), Geri Reischl (Jan Brady), Aunt Barbara, Robin Byrd, Ari Gold, Tracy Von Becker, Frankie C, Lovari, Jed Ryan, Rob Ordonez, Murray Hill, Dirty Martini, Larry Storch, Jackie Hoffman, cast members of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Chip Ducket, Sara Palin and many others. Special thanks to Jed Ryan, Miguel Dominguez and Hey Mr. Jason for taking such wonderful photos.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

'Project Runway' Reunion Party at Vlada NYC Fashion Week

It was tre' chic making a special appearance at the Project Runway reunion party, a very fashionable soiree where the designers of the mega hit television reality series all got together to celebrate Fashion Week in New York City. The event took place at club Vlada in Midtown Manhattan on September 10th. I was there with the crew from Under the Pink Carpet to film a television news segment. The event was hosted by my dear friend Suede, the talented trendsetter from season five. It was so much fun mingling with all the talented fashion designers and television personalities and catching up on the latest in vogue styles. Special thanks to photographer Miguel Dominguez for taking all these fabulous pics!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Original Village People Cowboy Birthday Bash

Birthday Celebrations are always fun, the the annual "Kings & Cowboys" celebration is among the best ever! The event observes the birthdays of the Original Cowboy from the iconic disco group The Village People, Randy Jones and actor, model and the King of NY nightlife promoter Keith Collins! We all had a great time reveling in the 70s/80s culture and music. This including having the pleasure to meet Geri Reischl, who played Jan Brady on the fabulous, kitschy Brady Bunch Variety Hour which ran on the ABC network in 1976-77. The soiree took place on September 17th at Club Foundation in the trendy, hip Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Friday, September 2, 2011

15th Anniversary of Lips, the Ultimate in Drag Dining

Lips restaurant, the ultimate in Drag Dining, celebrated its 15th year anniversary on September 25th. The establishment moved from Greenwich Village to East 56th Street in Manhattan last year. The fabulous eatery features Drag waitresses who put on exciting shows on a new lavish stage while serving their customers at dining tables. Myself and other Drag performers in NYC like Jesse Volt, Sherry Vine, Zondra Foxx and many others were on hand to help celebrate the festivities. Congratulations to Lips!

NY Television Festival - "Made In NY"

I love being a television producer and an on-air media, entertainment news correspondent on the hit TV series, Under the Pink Carpet. The program has a mission to entertain and educate about NYC's thriving Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender Community and how we are a vital part of the cultural fabric of the City, while giving valuable exposure to Out artists. This is why it was especially enjoyable to make a special appearance at the NYTVF (NY Television Festival) which was hosted by NYC Life Television WNYE-TV and the "Made In NY" program. The event took place at the prestigious Tribeca Cinemas where I attended with SAG actor and recording artist Lovari, who also provides music for Under the Pink Carpet. I had a great time with other TV and Media professionals including Katherine Oliver (the Commissioner of the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment), Todd Asher (1st Deputy Commissioner), Allie Kleva (NYC Life/Media), Chris Coffey (NYC Life/Media), Sean Hanley (producer/writer The Nanny, Half-Share) and many others.