Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Imposters at Unisex Salon and The Ritz

On Thursday, April 25 I went to celebrate the Birthday of Alan Anderson of Team NY and NYC Gay Men's Chorus at the elegant and exclusive The Ritz nightclub on Restaurant Row in Midtown Manhattan. Everyone was there and we enjoyed sipping Cosmopolitans inside the club and out on the cozy deck. The party had a nautical theme, so many guests were dresses as sailors. I love a man in uniform. The evening brought new meaning to the term - All Hands on Deck - you had to be there!

After that soiree, me and Howie headed downtown to the Lower East Side for the weekly Unisex Salon party. It's a fun decadent and artsy party with an inclusive mix of Gay guys, Lesbians and Trannies. Tonight was Impostor night and guests were encouraged to come dressed impersonating a Celebrity. Burlesque Diva extraordinaire, Dirty Martini was there impersonating Dolly Parton. On stage she did the most fantastic act wearing stars and stripes and the scales of justice. When her song was finished, she had only a star pasties on her breasts, a small flag covering her groin and a mouth stuffed with money. She was bawdy, yet brilliant at the same time! Epiphany looked like a young and beautiful Marilyn Monroe. Rajene did a wonderful "Turn Back Time" Cher impersonation that would of drove sailors wild! The Emcee of the show was someone who was impersonating Unisex Salon's producer, James Coppola. I didn't recognize who it was but it turned out to be Acid Betty, mother of the House of Acid! She's shorter without her high heels! But still made a fierce Coppola! James Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, ShortBus) and Sharyn Jackson (editor, Go!NYC Magazine) were amoung the friends we met there!

Photos: Rajene as Cher, Dirty as Dolly, Ephiany as Marilyn, James Cameron Mitchell and James Coppola.