Sunday, September 30, 2007

OUT Music Hostess

On Monday, September 3, I was the hostess for the monthly OUT Music Out Loud performance at Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Out Music is an organization the promotes and supports Openly Queer singers, songwriters and musicians. Out Music also provides valuable networking for collaborations and peer support. Every month there is a show to provide opportunities to share music, try out new ideas, and have fun in a safe space. Every month there is a different host and in September it was me. The handsome Jed Ryan, columnist, reviewer and producer produces the open mics and keeps them happening. The diverse talent that showed by and gave wonderful performances that evening included: Amy Clarke, Evan Laurence, Neil Dick, Mark Aaron James, Frank Grimaldi, Michael Lynch, John Raymond Pollard, Morry Campbell, Mary Edwards, Robert German, John Manion, Athena Reich, Mac, and newcomer Marvin. Marvin announced that he was the only Black person in the room. Black singer Michael Lynch quickly objected and it became a running joke for the evening. I performed "Don't Tell Mama" with some re-written lyrics to apply to my persona. Rob Tannon and Morry Campbell were celebration their 20 year anniversary of being a couple. Wow! I guess anything really is possible!!