Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jersey City Pride!

Weather I move to New York City or anyplace else in the world, I will always be a Jersey Girl at heart. Being a Native New Jersey child, I was thrilled to be a part of the Jersey City LGBT Pride Festival on August 23rd. The event held on the Hudson River Waterfront at Exchange Place in Jersey City with breathtaking views and perfect weather attracting thousands of people. There were keynote speakers, elected political officials, vendor booths, DJ, dancing and with live entertainment on a tremendous concert stage. I performed with my friend singer/songwriter recording artist Lovari as he sang "I Feel You" and his fabulous new song "Work it Out" that he dedicates to Drag performers. I also performed in my own number a special remix of the classic "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" with modern house music sounds mixed by David Slone with the sexy model Tass posing and playing as my temptation during the number. Other performers who graced tha stage included Ben Lerman, Jackie Monahan, Tom Goss, Lori Michaels, Naommon, Marlina Downer and others. Jersey City Mayor Jarramiah T Heal gave a welcoming speech. The event was produced by Jersey City Lesbian & Gay Outreach, Inc. (JCLGO) and the theme was "Keeping the Vision Alive." A photo of me and Tass appeared in The Jersey Journal, the premiere Jersey City/Hudson County NJ newspaper.
Photos by Angel. Lady Clover Honey performing with Lovari (black jacket) and Tass (shirtless)