Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween BINGO

We had a spooktacular time at Center BINGO on the day before Halloween. My co-hostess for the evening was Ginger Snapt, who is known as a Bingo Hostess at several Gay bars around NYC, including Splash, a premiere dance club and Lips, a drag restaurant. Ginger is used to Bingo player who are under the influence of alcohol. I told everyone the the players at The Center aren't here to get drunk or to get laid. They're here to win the $500 Jackpot!! A lot of the regulars came dressed in costume. One of my favorites was an emerald green Irish wich. Out physique models also kept in the holiday spirit with Tass as a sexy zombie and Mel as a hot taxi cab driver. Our manager Danny was a vampier. Ginger came as a Hogswart wizard student and I was a sexy red she-devil, complete with horns and red-fishnet hose.