Friday, February 26, 2010

Center BINGO Snowstorm

"Outside it is Winter, but in here it is so HOT, we have to battle to keep the boys from taking off all their clothing, so don't go away, tonight we may loose the battle." That line from Broadway's Cabaret was the first thing I said at February's Center Bingo, since the event took place in spite of the two-day snow storm! But thank goodness I have many fans who braved the frightful weather outside to come and see me. Or maybe they just wanted to win the $500 jackpot, those greedy beyoches! I wore green sequins to symbolize the awakening of springtime and green earth after this long, frigid winter. I had the two most sexy young assistants to help me out, since there were three of us blonds, I jokingly referred to us as the Brady Bunch girls. I'm still looking for a handsome Mike, Greg or Peter to wisk me away to Hawaii or the Grand Canyon.