Sunday, June 6, 2010

'Violet Tendencies' Film Premiere

It was time to attend Newfest, the annual LGBT Film Festival of New York City. I was thrilled to attend the Premiere of the new movie Violet Tendencies. I had a part as a Drag Queen party attendee in the film that was written by dear friend, Jesse Archer and directed by another amigo, Casper Andreas. The film starred Mindy Cohen (Natalie fromvthe 80s sitcom Facts of Life) as a Fag Hag who was trying to give up her Gay Male buddies in the hopes of finding a Straight guy for a steady boyfriend or husband. The screening took place at the SVA Cinema and the after-party was held in the beautiful lofty Chelsea Art Museum. I had a wonderful time with others in the film like Margret Echeverria, Sam Whitten, Kim Allen, Armand Anthony, Lovari and others. Also, my friends from Under the Pink Carpet Stephanie Butler and Tony Sawicki were there to produce a entertainment news segment for NYC Life television.