Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Queen at Dance 208

I love Halloween with all the fantastic scary howling and festivities! I also adore the gluttony of candy, wigs, costumes, make-up and roaming the streets, looking for Tricks and Treats! For me, everyday is Halloween and one of the most screaming Halloween traditions is the Halloween bash at Dance 208 at The LGBT Community Center of New York City! I made a special bewitching appearance and help with the judging of the costume contest! A well-hung unicorn won this year - a bug horn always wows and audience! I had the best of time with DJ Vito Fun, spooky Art by David Avielles, Drag legend Rollerina, Will Clark, Joe Fiore, Crown Princess Paprika, Crown Prince Vanity, Rolanda Rose, Mark Schulte and many others.