Saturday, March 26, 2011

Golden Girls, Cheesecake and Tributes

I had so much fun as an entertainer for the largest 'Golden Girls' tribute show in the world. 'We Love The Golden Girls' had its forth annual extravaganza honoring the classic 80s television sitcom. Cabaret and Nightlife personalities of New York City along with Dorothy, Blanch, Rose and Sophia impersonators galore gathered to swap St. Olaf stories, remember Blanch sex-capades, gorge out on Cheesecake and have a blast while pretending to be in Miami. The event took place on March 26 at the legendary Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village NYC.

It was a fun-filled and media filled event with me being taped for a show called Stuff on the OWN Network and I had my picture appe
aring in Next magazine, The Gothamist, Metromix and the NY Daily News!

To everyone who shared the evening with me, I want to sincerely say: "Thank You For Being a Friend!"