Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Michael Musto Book Release Gala at The Copa

I had the most wonderful time making a special appearance at the book launch celebration for the release of the latest must-read from my dear friend Michael Musto of the Village Voice. His new book is called "Fork on the left, Knife in the Back" and its an amazing and scandalous recollection of Musto's awesome experiences he has had dealing with all the celebrities, nightlife characters, drag divas, reality show personalities and other denizens of the media and show-biz he deals with every day. The event took place on September 13th at the legendary Copacabana, "the hottest spot North of Havana," where "Music and passion are always in fashion." Although Musto called it "Ricky Ricardo's wet dream." The only things better than Musto's books, are his parties. This one contained the most vast and diverse array of guests ever including Jerry Springer, Lisa Lampanelli, Countess Luanne (Real Housewives of NY), Geri Reischl (Jan Brady), Aunt Barbara, Robin Byrd, Ari Gold, Tracy Von Becker, Frankie C, Lovari, Jed Ryan, Rob Ordonez, Murray Hill, Dirty Martini, Larry Storch, Jackie Hoffman, cast members of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Chip Ducket, Sara Palin and many others. Special thanks to Jed Ryan, Miguel Dominguez and Hey Mr. Jason for taking such wonderful photos.