Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Meet The Breeds" Four-Legged Friends and Fashion

I had the most "purr-fect" time at an amazing event that showcased over 200 different breeds of pedigree dogs and cats! I made an appearance for a new media project at "Meet the Breeds" at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center in New York City. I loved meeting all the wonderful people and animals and discovered some exotic new breeds, like the "Toyger" cat that looks amazingly like the wild Tiger! I also loved seeing the Cairn Terriers, the breed of Toto of the "Wizard of Oz", the leopard spotted Bengal cat, the elegant French poodles, the cute Mexican Hairless, the outlandish Gypsy Dog (Bedlington Hound) and many others! I especially enjoyed the Cat Fashion Show. I went with Tony Sawicki and I loved meeting City celebrities Schmitty the Weather Dog and meteorologist Ron Trotta.