Saturday, April 6, 2013

Night of a Thousand Gowns

The Imperial Court of New York's annual Night of a Thousand Gowns  Gala, held on April 6th, raised funds for GMHC and GLAAD with more heels, sequins, beads, jewels and lipstick than any La Cage revival!  The drag charity ball, held in the Hilton Broadway Ballroom in Midtown Manhattan, crowned the town's new reigning monarchs, Emperor Wen-Dee Bouvier Pinkhouse, the Rock 'n' Roll Emperor of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect and Empress Gracie Steeles, the Stiletto Heeled Jersey Girl Empress. The gala featured performances by Taylor Dane (Tell It To My Heart) and RuPaul's All Star's Champion Chad Michaels as "Cher".  Elvis Duran, award winning host of the nationally syndicated Elvis Duran and the Morning Show was honored with an Imperial Diamond Award. Actor and GLAAD Spokesperson Wilson Cruz (Coffee Date, My So-Called Life) was honored with a Knighthood!  I was so thrilled to be a part of the evening having a glittering time on and off the red carpet with Wilson, Elvis and Gerald McCullouch (CBS' CSI-Crime Scene Investigation), Jed Ryan (Mr. Rawhide), Rod Ordonez (Mr. Paddles), a Direwolf from HBO'Game of Thrones, recording artist Adam Barta, artist Tracy Von Becker, videographer Francis LeggeAnu Singh, Leslie Lohman Art Museum Director Jerry Kajpust, fashion designer Geary Marcello (Foxxy Face Couture) promoters Jamie T Ranieri and Mark Schultephotographers Jason Russo (Hey Mr Jason) and Andrew Werner courtiers Johnny Luckie, Audra Foxx, Michael JC Anderson, Billie Little and many other regal, royal and fabulous friends!