Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Birthday Soiree for Flawless Sabrina

I had a wonderful time at the spectacular Birthday Soiree of the legendary Drag personality Flawless Sabrina at the glamorous Club Room at the renowned SoHo Grand Hotel, 310 West Broadway, SoHo, New York City, on September 10th.   Flawless Sabrina has been a fabulous fixture on the scene since the 1960s and known for being in the 1968 cult flim classic "The Queen" and is still as flawless as ever today. She made a wish and blew out all her candles as her dear friends rejoiced.  The celebrants included cabaret nightlife/cabaret chanteuse Joey Aries, party promoter Susanne Bartsch and her husband, celebrity fitness trainer and Gym owner David Barton, Brandon Olson, Flotillia DeBarge, performance artist Michael McQuary, male supermodel Trent, recording artist Lovari, event photographer Merlin Monroe and many more.