Sunday, June 29, 2014

Marilyn Monroe at a Scented PrideFest

I had a wonderful time celebrating LGBT Pride as the classic beauty "Marilyn Monroe" with Celebricents, a company the celebrates contemporary culture and lifestyles with aromatherapy.  A big blast was had as I camped it up and posed for pics with at the PrideFest, looking for a hunk who had a "Seven Year Itch" to scratch!   Diamonds are A Girl's Best Friend, but so are Celebriscents' products including scented candles that contain essential oils, herbs, organic spices and other natural products, promoting restoration, relaxation, joy and romantic moods!  Celebriscents offers a variety of candles named after celebrated people, places and lifestyles including the Katie Periwinkle, Miley Citrus and Melon Monroe.  PrideFest took place on June 29, 2014 on Hudson Street in the West Village of New York City.