Monday, November 24, 2014

Bobbie Horowitz Tribute

An extra-special event was held to honor and pay tribute to the legendary award-winning Performer/Producer/Singer/Songwriter/Actress/Comedienne Bobbie Horowitz at the renowned Cabaret venue The Metropolitan Room in New York City on November 24th.   Bobbie has not only been an amazing entertainer, but a loving friend and mentor to so many artists for so many years.  The room was packed to capacity with people from the entertainment industry and Cabaret community whose lives have been enriched by Bobbie's friendship, generosity, talent and expertise.  Speeches and performances were enjoyed throughout the evening.

The multi-award winning cast included Tony Award winner Chuck Cooper, Corrinna Sowers-Adler, Elaine St. George, Rob Langeder, Stacie Perlman-Langeder, Adam Shapiro, Dana Lorge (who did a hilarious impersonation of Bobbie), Reverend Yolanda, Sue Matskui, Sidney Myer, Stacy Sullivan, Richard Skipper, Diana Templeton, Warren Schein, David Slone, Mark Nadler and many others.  Musical Direction was by Bill Zeffiro and the event was hosted by Bernie Furshpan.