Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lady on Film "To Protect & Serve"

It was a thrill and an honor to have a part in an amazing action-packed feature film titled "To Protect & Serve" produced and directed by Carlito Salarigas/Chazz Menendez, who is also known as an Emmy-winning Stunt coordinator for renowned shows like Law & Order: SVA, Blue Bloods, Oz, The Sopranos and more!  The premiere screening was held at the beautiful Mystic Harlem theater at 46 West 116th Street in New York City on September 20th.  Also in the film is actress, comedian and relationship/sex advice columnist of Playgirl magazine Robbyne Kaamil along with gorgeous famous stuntmen actors like Steven Cachie Brown, Mounir Quazzani, Decater James, Mohammed J. Ali and many others.  I loved seeing my close-up reaction shots projected on the big screen larger-than-life!  I also love seeing all the guys chase and throw each other around.   The scene I was in was filmed in New York City's famous Central Park last July.  I played a diva who was having an outdoor sun-lit photo shoot with renowned photographer and dear friend Jason Russo.  Special Thanks to Jason and Hey Mister Jason Photography for the amazing pictures.