Saturday, June 25, 2016

NYC Drag March

Every year in New York City, LGBT Pride Weekend kicks off with an ultra fabulous event called The NYC Drag March.  I loved taking part in this wacky exciting event with my "girlfriends" on, as we strolled from Thompkins Square Park in Manhattan's East Village to the historic Stonewall Inn, which recently became a National Historic Landmark.  At the Stonewall Inn in June of 1969, the Drag Queens were the first to stand up for their rights and fight back against oppression when the police raided the bar and started to harass and arrest customers.  This event sparked the modern Gay Rights movement. The annual NYC Drag recognizes the contributions Drag has given our community and celebrates the colorful diversity and extreme fun that Drag gives to our culture. Thousands of Drag Queens, Drag Kings, Transgender, Gender Queer and friends, family, supporters in all types of gender expression and fantastic couture enjoyed the march on June 25, 2016.