Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sexahol Revue again

On Thursday, August 23, I was once again a featured performer in Sexahol Review, a performance art showcase with unique and various Downtown talent including both Straight and Queer, Men and Women entertainers. With the sexy burlesque Diva Nasty Canasta who drove the crowd wild with her unique, comedic and still erotic movements. Fantastic Genius did some hilarious skit comedy. David Slone performed some old classic songs re-mixed to modern hip hop musical tones, like Peggy Lee's "Why Don't You do Right?." I told some jokes and sang a Rosemary Clooney classic "Come On 'a My House" where I explained that I wasn't Italian, but sometime say that I am so I don't have to shave my legs! The evening was hosted and curated by performer/writer Evan Laurence who sang some of his original music and also treated the audience to some improv comedy. The evening took place at Mo Pitkins' House of Satisfaction on the Lower East Side.