Monday, January 21, 2008

Out FM Radio

I had the pleasure of being on the Radio on Monday, January 14, as a guest commentator on Out FM on WBAI FM Radio in New York City. The gorgeous Pedro Angle Serrano, DJ, VJ, producer, Radio personality and everyone's favorite Gay Puerto Rican Skinhead punk rocker had the brilliant idea of having a show with Out comedians joking about the news topics relevant to the Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Trans Community in 2007. Along with me and Pedro were Robin Cloud, the Lesbian reporter who I also work with on Under the Pink Carpet and Paige Collette, Bi funny gal, playwright and Burlesque Diva. We had a great time joking about what happened last year like the Same-sex marriage bill being passed in Albany, new Out elected officials being elected, the infamous Republican airport Men's Room Sex Scandal, Transgender people filing harassment lawsuits for tying to use public restrooms and fitting rooms and other topics. Having a good sense of humor really helps out when you're Queer, and also when you're a Skinhead!

I wasn't sure how to dress for the Radio. Do jewelry and accessories matter if the audience can't see you? Of course they do! The essence of fun, charm and confidence radiates right across the airwaves! Out FM is a multi-racial, progressive, LGBT public affairs and culture show that is broadcast on WBAI FM in New York City on 99.5 FM on Mondays at 11:00 AM.