Monday, December 31, 2007

Friends. . . . And Divas!

Ya Gotta Have Friends! "Friends. . . And Divas" was the title of a Cabaret performance with Celebrity Impersonators dong tributes to Famous Divas at the legendary Cabaret venue, Don't Tell Mama located on Restaurant Row in the Midtown Broadway Theater district on Saturday December 29. The event was produced and hosted by Howie V who does a flawless Cher impersonation. Music was provided by RUB Robert Urban Band with Robert Urban on guitar and vocals, Steve Sullivan on Bass, Anthony Maulella on drums and filling in on piano and vocals was Dan Manjovi. The crowd went wild as the band geared up and started to play "If I Could Turn Back Time." I did my "Carol Channing" impersonation and sang "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" after telling my usual jokes about the importance of Ladies to get jewelry. I explained that Carol was the original gold-digging Blond who sang about "Diamonds" on Broadway before Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Nicole Kidman ever did. The showed opened with hilarious jokes by "Phyllis Diller" portrayed by Stephen Carey from Province town MA. "Bette Midler" played by Delfinia Best did a rowdy and rambunctious medley number. Travis Laughlin sang out a rockin' and crazy "Janis Joplin" production, complete with the necessary screaming, twisting and shouting. - Not to mention the Southern Comfort sipping!! Rich Renner impersonated "Elton John" with the usual funky sunglasses and sang the appropriate "Bitch is Back" as a duet with "Cher." But it was "Robert DeNiro" amazingly impersonated by Joseph Manuella who had the crowd laughing hard when he announced that he was "the butch part of the show". "DeNiro" later shook golden maracas and performed an Italian/Latin comedic tune about "My Cousin Vinny." The sold-out house rocked that evening with a very responsive and fun crowd. It was Hollywood on Restaurant Row in New York that evening.

Photos: (top left)Travis Laughlin as "Janis" Delfinia Best as "Bette" and Clover Honey as "Carol"; (Bottom) Clover Honey and Stephen Carey as "Phyllis Diller"; Howie V as "Cher"; Clover/Carol performing; Joseph Manuella as "DeNiro" and Clover Honey as "Carol"; Rich Renner as "Elton" and Stephen Carey as "Phyllis"; Howie V as "Cher" with Band members Anthony Maulella, Robert Urban and Steve Sullivan.