Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Comic Soup at The Duplex

The Duplex, Downtown's legendary Cabaret Showroom in Greenwich Village -NYC, held an evening of Comedy, Dance and song to benefit Stone Soup Theater Company on Saturday evening March 15. I was happy to be included in the line-up. The room was packed with a lively and responsive audience, who took to me like a candle to a flame! I've always been flaming!! And the recent political scandals gave us plenty to joke about! The Show was produced by DR Hanson and included Comedians Matt Florio, David "The Voice" Stein, Sarah Speigleman, the the hilarious and fabulous and my favorite petite brunette Carla Milo. There was also music by scott and two liveley dance numbers choreographed by Nikki Allred with herself and two gorgeous male dancers Micheal Domingues and Aengus Ortiz. My friends Lovari, Mark, Sabrina, Jean and Howie stopped by and after the show we stayed in the upstairs lounge or a few extra cocktails.