Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tranny Pins at Hard Rock Cafe

History was made right in the heart of Times Square! On March 9th, the legendary Hard Rock Cafe of New York City's Times Square issued its very first pin featuring a Transgender Rock performer! And I was thrilled that the performer was my fabulous friend, Tina Benez, a fierce and talented Drag Diva rocker who recorded Glamor Overdose from her Love Mr or Die CD! We had a fantastic time celebrating with Tina at the historic Pin Release Party. Everyone at Hard Rock in Times Square was so much fun! The beautiful enamel pin was so fabulous and makes a perfect fashion accessory. The Hard Rock Cafe has issued Gay Pride pins, but never before had there been a pin with a Drag or Trans artist! Tina also was on One Life to Life as a Drag Diva who helped Marcy hide out with her baby. She also made headlines when she sued a Shock Jock who insulted her for being Trans and smashed her CDs on the air. Being a journalist, I went there with Tony Sawicki and a camera crew to produce a news segment for Under the Pink Carpet. Howie V also came to help and to join in the fun. We met several people who traveled from around the world who call themselves "Pin Heads." They are collectors of the Hard Rock pins and many have thousands included in their personal ensembles. Many people feel that the first Tranny Rocker pin will increase in value! Either way, it's a beautiful pin that would complement any outfit and I highly recommend going to Times Square and purchasing one! And you should also check out the music of Tina Benez with her unique high-energy, ultra glamorous rockin' style!