Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Studio 54 and Rollerina celebrated

Studio 54 is indisputably the most fabulous, decadent and notorious nightclubs that New York City - and the World - has ever seen! On April 25, Dance 208 at The Center held a fantastic dance recreating and honoring the legendary hotspot while celebrating the renowned "Queen of Studio 54" Rollerina. Rollerina is the celebrated Drag Queen who was known in the 1970s for roller skating around the streets of Greenwich Village the paths of Central Park and the dance floor of Studio 54. She would wear flowing skirts, church lady hats, crazy glasses and blessed people with her fairy wand. She is still around today, kicking and making appearances - although she no longer roller skates. She is especially revered by Drag Queen artists today, whom she paved the way for. Decorating the walls of The Center were works of art re-created by artist David Avielles that were seen at the original Studio 54, including the infamous Man In the Moon with a Cocaine Spoon wall sculpture. "The Center does not condone drug use." explained Dance 208 manager Joe Fiore. "The Moon is there for nostalgic reasons only." Joe didn't think it was proper to reveal a lady's age when he introduced Rollerina for her big speech, but she proudly announced that she was 60 years old. She later said to me "I feel like I'm 40 and I don't even use Viagra!" She also said she was proud to have me as a God Daughter. One of her favorite memories of Studio 54 was Halloween of 1977 when a prop that looked like a popper sprayed everyone on the dance floor with fairy glitter. Studio 54 is no longer around, but we all are glad that Rollerina is still here, still celebrating original gender expression and creativity and an inspiration to us all.