Monday, April 21, 2008

Multi-Media Girl

I've certainly received plenty of Press recently! This very week, I'm in magazines, newspapers, on TV and on the big screen in the cinema. Gay City News newspaper has quotes from me from Night of 1,000 Gowns on page 2 (volume seven, issue 14). HX magazine has a lovely picture of me in their Homo Dish column on page 16 (issue 866). Next magazine also has a photo of me in the Shot in the Dark photo column on page 66 (issue 15.40). Out in Jersey magazine has a photo and mention of me in an exclusive interview with Tony Sawicki of Under the Pink Carpet. (April-May 2008)I could also be seen recently on TV on Under the Pink Carpet and Out and About TV, and be heard on the Radio on Out FM (99.5 FM). As well as be seen on the big screen in A Four Letter Word movie playing at Chelsea Cinemas in NYC. As they shay, too much of a good thing - is wonderful!! Please support these fantastic media outlets!