Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Drags & Dolls Burlesque

Drags & Dolls is the name of the newest Performance Art Burlesque show that is taking Downtown by storm! The show, produced by Vera Wylde celebrates Femininity through the arts of Burlesque and Drag/Female Impersonation. Drags & Dolls takes place monthly at the Gene Frankel theater in NYC. The audience had fun tying to tell who was a GG (Genetic Girl) and who was a TG (Trans Girl). Weather they could or not, we all had a great time! The performers besides myself included Alexia, who although born female, loves being a Drag Queen, sometimes called a Bio Queen. Other sexy and beautiful performners were Tina Cione, Layla Lepore and Vera Wylde! We had so much fun in the backstage dressing room, not to mention the fun being on stage, teasing all the Guys with our sexy moves!