Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shore Thing Film Premiere

Film Premiere events are always exciting, but I attended a unique movie opening night screening on September 28th that was truly exhilarating. This premiere had something much better than the Glamour of Hollywood, it had the exuberance of Coney Island! Thrills, screams and fun are what it’s all about at the annual Coney Island Film Festival. Carney Culture is evident with screenings held at inside a Freak Side Show theater and in the Coney Island Museum. They even had an awards ceremony amongst flashing lights right on the El Dorado Bumper Car racetrack floor! I had a role in a new film called Shore Thing, screened at the Festival. Shore Thing was written and produced by my buddy Lovari and edited by James Hill. Jade Esteban Estrada (Comedy Central) and Ryan Wolowski (Out & About TV) were also in the film, which was an exciting and chilling mystery with intellectual humor based on Shark attacks. I played a flirtatious librarian who helped the main character with research. Shore Thing was shot partially in Coney Island and is a movie not to be missed!