Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Center Bingo and Holiday Snow

It was time again for Center BINGO on December 19! I donned me now my Gay apparel and wore a sexy Santa's helper red mini dress with white fishnet stockings! My guest host and number-caller was my dear friend and Billboard Recording Artist Lovari. Lovari told everyone about his latest song, which is a collaboration with other artists promoting hate-crime and anti-Proposition 8 awareness called Free To Love. DJ and Filmmaker Wolfgang Busch played the song and other tracts written by Lovari including his smash hit I Feel You, which has been burning up the Radio airwaves and the trendiest nightclub dance-floors! The regular cast of Bingo supporters were also there, braving this season's first snow storm, including Church Lady, Bobbi, Danny, Rob, Mike, Bob and others! With the weather outside being frightful, I just borrowed the line from Cabaret and said "Outside it is Winter, but in here it is so hot, that we have to battle to keep the men from taking off all their clothes. So don't go away - tonight we may lose the battle!" After BINGO, me and Lovari went over to VLADA nightclub for the special Birthday party for Bravo network Project Runway designer Suede! I gave him his birthday spanking and he blew out all his candles. The DJ also played Free To Love and more of Lovari's popular music.