Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Liberal Democratic "Wedding"

One of the most highly-anticipated and best attended Holiday season parties in New York City is Alan Roskoffs annual Yuletide bash. Alan is a civil rights advocate and is president of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club. This year, his soiree took place at a Chelsea NYC party loft and wound up turning into a hilarious parody of My Big Fat Gay Wedding! In a satirical performance, nuptial vows were exchanged by impersonations of same sex “lovebirds” – openly Lesbian City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Mayor Michael Bloomberg — who were both dressed in Drag. Each wore lace and flowing wedding gowns as our host Roskoff presided over the ceremony in sacred bishop’s garb. “Quinn” vowed to continue to “love, cherish and obey” the “Mayor.” The performance was held to underscore the massive disappointment in Quinn’s support of Bloomberg’s altering of term-limit laws that have been approved twice by voters, an action that has been criticized as un-democratic and disrespectful of the voting citizenry. Roskoff sent a serious message but presided over a festive ceremony nonetheless!! There was a three-tier wedding cake and, in the faux wedding, I was a bride’s maid and entrepreneur Scott Talbolt was best man. Cher (Howie V) even made a celebrity appearance singing “I Got You Babe” — since the Mayor clearly has got Quinn’s undivided devotion.

Attendees of the very A-List soiree included Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, Paul Dawson and PJ DeBoy of Shortbus, WOR radio’s Joey Reynolds, Tony Sawicki and Stephanie Butler of Under the Pink Carpet, Andy Humm of Gay USA, Recording Artist Lovari, Congress Members Anthony Weiner and Carolyn Maloney, former Public Advocate Mark Green, NY Senators Eric Schneiderm and Eric Adams, Assembly Member Jonathan Bing, City Council Members John Liu and Bill DeBlasio, Judges Paul Feinman, Lucy Billings and Sara Lee Evans, Attorneys Norman Siegel, Maria Passanante Derr, Tom Shanahan and Yetta Kurland, Executive Director of ESPA Alan Van Capelle, activists Ethan Geto, Michael Colosi, Alan Fleishman, Corey Johnson, Charles O’Byrne, Mark Schulte and many others!