Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fresh Fruit PlayHouse

The Fresh Fruit Festival held its monthly showcase of unusually fruity acts called the Fresh Fruit PlayHouse at the famous East-Village hot-spot, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, renowned for its Poetry Slams. It took place on January 14 and was a mix of Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Drag Queen, Drag King performers. The show hosted by yours truly included Drag Diva Appolonia Cruz, Drag King Stefan Royce, Sean and the Urban Spiritual band, Jasmine of Animus, Barnacle Bill, J. Michael Reeds and many others! Downtown has really rocked in the fruit juice that night!!

Photos: Appolonia Cruz and Clover Honey; Clove Honey and Lovari; Clover Honey and Jose from Bravo TV's America's Top Chef; Barnacle Bill, Clover Honey, Sean, Appolonia Cruz, Stefan Royce, Amy, Jasmine