Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lady Clover Honey's Holiday Drag Bag Shopping Hints in GayCities

I was delighted to give my helpful shopping Holiday Drag Bag hints in a fun news article at GayCities.

"GayCities editor JJ Keyes surveyed America’s top drag queens to get a fix on their xmas gift wish list. He caught up with New York’s Lady Clover Honey, the drag diva correspondent on Under the Pink Carpet, while she was prepping for a special holly-jolly appearance at Twinkle, the Dance 208 Holiday Dance (December 18 at The LGBT Center of NYC, 9 pm).

Lady Clover Honey's Holiday Drag Bag:

1. Make-up supplies from MAC Cosmetics because there’s no such thing as natural beauty.

2. Necklace and matching earrings from Tiffany's because it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that Bling!

3. Gift certificate from the Victoria's Secret because it’s better to say “Ho, Ho, Ho” than “No, no, no” and nothing keeps the season brighter than slipper-satin lingerie!

4. Whips and riding crops from Tie Me Down because we wish you a kinky Christmas. I Saw Daddy Spanking Santa Clause! Mommy can keep the kissing!!

5. Gift certificate to a Gay Bathhouse Spa but only for steaming facial pours open. And since the rumors about Travolta came out celebrity spotting at the Baths has never been more in Vogue!"