Friday, December 3, 2010

Lady Clover Honey Named a "Hero" in News Article

I just found out that I was mentioned in a fascinating news article where I was listed as a Hero! The article was written by artist and journalist Alina Oswald and I am thrilled and honored to be mentioned in this way! I am called an "individual who has empowered and inspired, while transforming lives in the most positive and significant way."

Clover Welsh, a.k.a. Lady Clover Honey, is the first openly transgender correspondent to appear on a national TV show—Under the Pink Carpet, an LGBT news and entertainment show. She has performed on stage and on screen, in large and small production films. She writes in a gossip/news/dish column—Dish Miss—and curated art shows like Strike A Pose – Gender Id in 2008, hosted by SoHo’s Leslie-Lohman gallery. Lady Clover Honey is a fixture in New York City social and entertainment life and in the city’s annual Gay Pride Parade.

Lady Clover Honey cherishes her connection with the universe, and also wants to do her part and help others here, on earth. Therefore, she reaches out to the person who is afraid to go out dressed as a woman because people would throw stuff at him. She reaches out to all individuals and encourages them to be who they truly are, to come out of the closets of their lives. While she is very aware that coming out is not always easy or safe, she hopes that “We all have to respect one another, because we’re all children of God, with different ways to express ourselves.”

She’s always been an optimist, especially when it comes to gay rights, when she believes that we make progress every year. “I do have hope,” Lady Clover Honey says. “We’ve come a long way and we have a long way more to go.”

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