Thursday, May 5, 2011

Juicy: The Fresh Fruit Awards (The Fruities)

Fresh Fruit is a healthy snack, but its also the name of a dynamic, diverse and colorful Gay Arts Festival held every year in New York City. I was delighted to be the Red Carpet hostess for the smashing extravaganza! The Fruits of Distinction Awards were held at the Jan Hus Theater on the Upper East Side of NYC on May 5th. Distinguished and seasoned Artists like Tony Award and Drama Desk Award winner John Glines as well as cutting edge Downtown performance artists were both in attendance. Performers included colorful puppets from the Royal Squirrel Puppet Theater and Lovari who opened the show with me! Other fruity winners and artists included Jahnilla Akbar, Marilyn Bernard, Xander Chauncey, Teresa Fischer, The Icky House Club, Omar Prince, David Ray, Thos Shipley, and many others. Rev Ray Bagnuolo, Bruce Robert Harris and Jack W. Batman took home special Harry Weider Awards for outstanding Community service.