Monday, May 21, 2012

Feeling Fruity! The Fresh Fruit Festival Awards!

I had the honor and pleasure of hosting the Fruits of Distinction Awards, aka "The Fruities" at the the Helen Mills Theater in Chelsea NYC. The event honors those who have contributed to the Fresh Fruit Festival and to the LGBT and Arts Communities.  I have met so many wonderful, talented and creative people involved with the Festival, the largest and most diverse LGBT Arts Festival in New York City. 
The Fresh Fruit Festival encompasses theater, performance, poetry, comedy, spoken word, music, dance, visual arts and some talents that defy categorization. Artists come from around the city, nation and, indeed, the world. Australia, Canada, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, France, Mauii, Israel, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and all of New York City's boroughs and suburbs have been represented. Fresh Fruit is the most inclusive expression of LGBT arts ever held in the City of New York. Performers of all racial and many ethnic backgrounds, sexualities, gender orientation fill out stages. 
Rita Petite, Lovari, Lady Clover Honey, Brian Maschka (Artistic Director), Jerry Kajpust (Leslie Lohman Musuem)

Lady Clover Honey with  Fruitie Award Winners
playwright Carfer Lamore, comedian/recording artist Soce, art nightlife photographer Seth Clark Silberman

Lady Clover Honey with Fruitie Award winners actor/recording artist Lovari, producer/recording artist Robert Urban
and Morgan, Nigel and Anu. 

Fruitie Award Winner and Comedian Gail Dennison, Robert, Frutie Award winner writer Joann Bordon, Lucille