Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vamping for The Bronx

I had a wonderful time performing and co-hosting a glamorous gala to benefit a The LGBTQ Community Services Center of The Bronx called Valentine's Vamp. The Soiree was postponed after the Valentine's weekend snow storm, but we still had the spirit of Love and Romance in March.  The event featured dancing and music by DJs Michael Hades and Steve Sidewalk, live entertainment and a sizzling Bachelor auction!  The entertainers included recording artist Lovari, Tym Moss (of Artists Exposed radio show), pop artist, singer, TV host PVaz, Spicky Hilton, Athena Reich, Andrea Alton (as Molly Equality Dykeman), L'Tifah Tigress,  Sissy Van Dyke and more!  There were also special appearances by recording artist Ari Gold, Jason Hellinger (Inked magazine) photographer Rob Ordonez (aka "Mr. Paddles"), fashion designer Geary Marcello (Foxxy Face Couture), Eddie Berto (aka "Mr. Metro-Cub"), actor Taylor, Peter Frank and more!  The gala evening took place at Club Rebel, 251 West 30th Street, New York City on March 23rd.