Saturday, October 10, 2015

Rock & Rawhide PSA

Being an pet and animal-lover, I was so happy to be a part of a special Public Service Announcement that provides information about the animal-care organization Rock & Rawhide.  The PSA was written and produced by fierce comedian, actress and advice columnist Robbyne Kaamil, directed by Lovari and recorded by Dana Bryan.  Included are cameos by star Pomeranian King Tut and a Poodle named Dana owned by Ruben Santana, a Husky named Balto owned by Luann Johnson and a Siamese Cat named Blue Topaz owned by Carole Linda Gonzales. The PSA theme was Everyday is a Holiday at Rock & Rawhide, since they provide toys and accessories for animals in shelters.  We had a special premiere screening of the PSA at the hip and lively Rock-Bar at 185 Christopher Street in Manhattan's West Village, New York City on October 1st.  The premiere featured live performances by the rock bands Timelord Smith and Slow Buildings along with The Holiday Singers, Lovari, Howie V Cher and Tony Sawicki of Urban Animals.  The Red Carpet was hosted by actor, comedian and radio host Tym Moss.  Rich Johnson and Leigh Anne West from The Dog Show, NY's Dog Adoption Television Show, wre also there to conduct interviews and report on the gala.  Plus, there was karaoke, dancing, raffles, drink specials and lots of fun.  Had a great time with co-founder Kylie Edmond and others from Rock & Rawhide