Saturday, October 24, 2015

Tompkins Sq. Halloween Dog Parade

Dogs are now, more than ever, strutting the urban streets in outrageous Halloween costumes to celebrate the spooky season.  I had a blast at the 25th annual TOMPKINS SQUARE PARK HALLOWEEN DOG PARADE in Tompkins Square Park in Downtown Manhattan, New York City on October 24, 2015.  Colorful canines of all breeds, shapes and sizes filled the park to capacity and overflowed into the nearby streets to show off their lively, vibrant and vivid outfits and to participate in the costume contest.   I ran into so many dear friend with their pups including Grace Forster of the tv reality series DOGGIE MOMS with her Yorkies Portia and Rosie dressed up as SIMPSON’s characters, Dog Stylist Ruben Santana and his Pomeranian King Tut, a Boston Terrier as BACK TO THE FUTURE’s  Marty McFly complete with a replica of the time-traveling car, a mummified Italian Greyhound and so many more.  I loved making my fun stage appearance along with Steven Kramer Glickman from the Nickelodeon series BIG TIME RUSH.