Sunday, May 1, 2016

INVISIBLE Media / Art Project

I want to tell you all about this exciting and fascinating new project that friends are working on. Creative director, Vladimir Rios and photographer, Lester Blum have teamed up, once again, to  work on a new photo/video documentary – Invisible.  Last year this team brought focus to HIV/AIDS with their powerful photography narratives – Warrior of Hope and I Still Remember.

Invisible focuses on individuals who either feel invisible themselves or feel that society treats them as invisible because of physical or mental disabilities, disease (HIV/AIDS), age, weight issues, gender, sexuality, etc.  This documentary is an educational piece that will bring awareness to those who feel invisible in a multifaceted presentation of still photography, testaments from the individual as to why they feel invisible or why society treats them as invisible, and a video presentation where the individual will tell their story.

Invisible is scheduled for a gallery exhibit opening in August, 2016 in New York. We are seeking a diversity of individuals to be included in the project who would like to share their story of invisibility. With the presentation of Invisible we would like to increase awareness of how society treats and reacts to people. 

To see some behind the scenes images and learn more about the project, see the Facebook page, Invisible 

Contact Lester Blum at if you are interested in being part of the project.