Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mother's Day at The Ritz

I had a wonderful time making a special appearance and performance at Mommie Dearest, a charity fundraiser that celebrated Mother's Day on May 7th at the legendary nightclub, The Ritz in midtown Manhattan's Times Square area at 369 West 46th Street.  We celebrated all kinds of motherly-love including birth mothers, drag mothers, theater mothers, movie mothers, and all the nurturing and inspiration they provide.  We did this with a fun, camp comedy performance while screening the classic Mother story film of all time, Mommy Dearest.  The wire hangers that decorated the club that evening gave a nice touch.  I live sang the classic "Don't Tell Mama" from Cabaret. Other performers from the Imperial Court of New York included Emperor Tree, Empress Sugar B Real, Emperor Ritz Kraka, Empress Madison Mansfield, Princess QT Pie, Billy Little, Chocolatina Q Dessert, Giovanka De Medici and many others.  The fantastic event provided us all with a mother of a memory!