Monday, April 9, 2007

Adult Fun and Fundraising for the Arts

On Wednesday March 28, It was time for another charity BINGO game. There are NO Church Ladies at the Bingo Bashes I attend, but there are Male Adult Entertainment Stars and it truly is a fundraiser for a good cause. It's Will Clark's Porno Bingo, the Male Adult Video Industry's way of giving back to the Community that supports them. Tonight's beneficiary was the Fresh Fruit Festival and I can't think of a more exciting way to be a Patron of the Arts than to attend tonight's games. The Fresh Fruit Fest provides networking, venues, support and creative outlets artists. Will Clark's BINGO games are a way to meet Porn Stars and local Celebrities in a fun and sexy, but relaxed and friendly way that raises money for a good cause. They take place on Wednesday evenings at 9th Avenue Bistro in NYC. I was a special guest and number caller tonight along with two sizzling stars from Raging Stallion Video, Jake Deckard and Jay Black. Singer/songwriter hottie David Serrano also performed some of his original music. The reigning Mr. Eagle 2007, Rich Weber was generous to lend his auctioneer skills for a special Jock Strap auction where our two Stars modeled and sold their athletic supporters to the highest bid in a Chinese Auction. Cabaret singer Robert Vest , David and Andrew did a wonderful job at selling the BINGO cards. Other "Celebrities" among the crowd included All Out Arts President Nick Curto, photographer Michael Alago (, photographer A.B., Porn Star Tre' Exavier, JC Faust from the rock band Nekked, Cabaret singer James Lloyd Bennette, two Cher impersonators (although not dressed as Cher) Devon Cass and Howie V, Eric Einstein of Pieces Bar and members of Cheer New York (LGBT Cheerleaders) and Amy, Rita, Madelyn, Alicia and other members of CDI (Cross-Dressers International.)

Photos: Jack Deckard with Clover; Clover Honey; Clover, Jake, Jay Black and Will Clark; David Serrano, Clover Honey and Eric Einstein.