Thursday, April 19, 2007

Models and Art Galore!

I soaked in some more art, both visual and performance at the second anniversary celebration of a party called Galore that took place at XES lounge in Chelsea on April 9. The art was a premiere showing of a new exhibit of artistic photographs by Jeff Eason of Wilson Models. Mr. Eason/Wilson Models is also the photographer who took the studio shots of me that I use on my website. Jeff is terrific behind the camera and the works that were exhibited in this new show were amazing! They were black & white nudes of male models with chocolate syrup dripping down their chiseled bodies. I thought about using Chocolate syrup in my next photo shoot, but I concluded that jewelry is a better accessory on models like me. Jeff also takes photographs for HX magazine and Matt Banks, the publisher of HX was at the event. I always love it when I run into those who publish my favorite magazines! The event was hosted by Deryck Todd and DJ Jimmy Beats played the music and videos. There was also some live entertainment provided by Adam Joseph who not only performs, but writes, engineers and arranges all of his music. Plus, he's adorable! The other music performers were Alysha Unpress, Amy Douglas and the group Shimerplanet. Jimmy also sang "I get by with a little help from my Friends" with the rock group. A night mixed with visual art, performance art, drink specials and gorgeous men, of course, made for a wonderful and memorable evening!

Photos: Clover Honey with Adam Joseph, With Deryck Todd, Matthew Banks (HX Publisher) with Clover Honey and friend, Clover with DJ Jimmy and Madelyn