Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some Men - Terrence McNally and Marriage

I was Broadway bound on April 6 as I helped my dear friend Hector Coris, Director of Marketing for Second Stage Theatre, host a special reception after a performance of the new Terrence McNally play that strongly touches on the subject of Gay Marriage, Some Men. McNally's new play was inspiring, touching and funny. It opens at a wedding of two men and looks at same-sex life and love against the background of some of the events that shaped the last century. The hot-button topic of gay marriage is a running theme of Some Men, with the questions that the subject invariably raises. “Some people think this marriage thing is going to be the end of Gay life as it has been practiced on this planet for a hundred million years,” says a character in the opening scene. One of the most touching scenes for me was a moment where a Drag Queen (brilliantly played by actor David Greenspan looking fabulous in a peach ensemble with white gloves and pearls) sang "Over the Rainbow" in a preppy piano bar where she was unwelcome. The scene was not camp, but dramatic as the sounds of the Stonewall Riot were heard just outside.

At the event I met Lucy Arnaz and her husband Laurence Luckinbill. This was the second time I've met Lucy, known for being the daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, and it's always a thrill to chat with someone so talented and who's been in so many Broadway, television and Cabaret productions. Speaking at the reception was Evan Wolfson, author of Why Marriage Matters. Wolfson is a nationally renowned attorney and director of Freedom to Marry, who hails the movement for marriage equality as "one of the first important civil rights campaigns of the 21st century." I also met actors from Some Men including Pedro Pascal (Fritz) and Romain Fruge (Carl), Tom Kirdahy, the husband of Terrence McNally and others who are trying so hard to win equality in marriage. By the way, I have a beautiful white gown all ready for when my time to take the big step comes. But I'm in no rush, I'm still having lots of fun being a single girl in New York City.

Photos: Lucy Arnaz, Poster, Clover Honey with Evan Wolfson (author of Why Marriage Matters and Chair of Marriage Equality), Tom Kirdahy (McNally's Husband) and Howie V., Actors from Some Men - Pedro Pascal (Fritz) and Romain Fruge (Carl)