Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gypsies, Tramps and Queens

At The Monster, the most popular lounge and dance club in NYC's Greenwich Village, they held a special event on April 2 they called the Night of 101 Chers, Gypsies Tramps and Queens! It was a special tribute to our most favorite Diva. Everyone was encourage to come dresses as Cher. The bartenders and the rest of the staff was also all "Cher-ed" up except for a few guys who chose to dress as Sonny Bono. I donned a curly black wig "If I could turn back time." It felt different as a brunette, but still very fabulous impersonating Cher. I came with my friend Madelyn Madelaine who ended up looking like a chic blond Cher. Monster owner and manager Charlie Rice was also all decked out as a fishnet leather Cher and greeted us with his friend dressed as the Mermaids Cher. We met up with buddies Jesse Archer (star of A Four Letter Word) Lovari (recording artist All I Want is You), Delfinia Best (Bette Midler Impersonator) and Howie V (a Cher Impersonator). Howie had an extra Cher wig on him so we threw it on Jesse Archer and quickly made him up with my lipstick and he ended up looking like a Bob Mackie Dark Lady - well sort of! Jesse Volt started her weekly drag show impersonating Cher and Devon Cass also performed as Cher. Jesse Volt announced the owners choice award for the Cher look-alikes and called out me and Madelyn. Producer Guy Guido video taped an interview with me and asked me questions about Cher! How honored and thrilled we were! You gotta "Believe!"